EN388 Gloves

EN 388:2016 is the standard that determines a glove’s performance against mechanical hazards. The standard specifies the testing and marking required for protective glove and states the performance levels for gloves protecting against mechanical risks such as abrasion, blade cut, tear, puncture and where relevant, impact.

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  1. Firemaster Vortex
    Firemaster Vortex
    As low as £50.00
  2. Firemaster Xtricator Gloves
    Firemaster Xtricator Gloves
    As low as £62.50
  3. Firemaster Tech Rescue Gloves
    Firemaster Tech Rescue Gloves
    As low as £57.50
  4. Firemaster USAR Gloves
    Firemaster USAR Gloves
    As low as £55.50
  5. Firemaster Defender Gloves
    Firemaster Defender Gloves
    As low as £40.00
  6. Firemaster Omega Gloves
    Firemaster Omega Gloves
    As low as £60.00
  7. Firemaster Quest Gloves
    Firemaster Quest Gloves
    As low as £35.00
  8. Firemaster Non-structural Gauntlet
    Firemaster Non-structural Gauntlet
    As low as £60.00
  9. Firemaster Non-structural Gloves
    Firemaster Non-structural Gloves
    As low as £50.00
  10. Firemaster Water Rescue Gloves
    Firemaster Water Rescue Gloves
    As low as £35.00
  11. Firemaster Debris Gloves
    Firemaster Debris Gloves
    As low as £35.00
  12. Firemaster Cadet Gloves
    Firemaster Cadet Gloves
    As low as £35.00
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12 Items

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