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Firemaster Ultra Classic Gauntlet

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Our flagship structural fire-fighting glove solution providing fire-fighters with a revolutionary solution to hand protection. Conforming to the latest NFPA standards, this design scores high in levels of protection, comfort and dexterity. Made to a gauntlet length with a full grain PYROHIDE® leather outer. Featuring a curved-finger 3D ergonomic design with seamless roll top finger tips. A digital PYROHIDE® leather patch enhances grip in both wet and dry conditions. Lined with a Porelle insert and a KOVENEX® thermal barrier, the Firemaster® Ultra is our most technically advanced design.

OUTER: 100% PYROHIDE® cowhide grain leather
INTERLINING: Porelle PTFE membrane
LINING: 100% KOVENEX® aramid blend
THREAD: Nomex® & Technora®
TRIM: FR Reflective tape

Usually one hand will be slightly larger than the other, typically the dominant hand (the right hand if you are right handed). Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the dominant hand at the widest part (between your thumb and index finger) and make a loose fist. Make a note of this measurement and check our sizing guide below.

  • SIZE XXXS = 5" (12.7 cms)
  • SIZE XXS = 6"(15.2 cms)
  • SIZE XS = 7" (17.8 cms)
  • SIZE S = 8" (20.3 cms)
  • SIZE M = 9" (22.9 cms)
  • SIZE L = 10" (25.4 cms)
  • SIZE XL = 11" (27.9 cms)
  • SIZE XXL = 12" (30.5 cms)
  • SIZE XXXL = 13" (33.0 cms)

Your gloves are a very good product, not only are they great fitting and great for gripping they also are durable and can take the punishment we put them through on the fire ground. Keep up the good work!

Jeff Johnston - Fire Chief
Applegate Fire Department, Applegate, MI, USA

As a volunteer firefighter I bought a pair of Firemaster® Ultra gloves from the Southcombe Brothers booth at FDIC in 2005 when they were just being introduced to the US market. I am finally being forced to buy a new pair of Firemasters after nearly four years of use in firefighting, overhaul, vehicle accidents, and training. Aside from the fact that these are the most comfortable structural fire gloves I have ever worn, I especially like the knitted cuffs and having leather donning tabs on both the top and bottom of the cuff. The cuffs really help keep my hands warmer when working outside in cold weather. Donning is much easier compared to other gloves which either have no tab or only a bottom tab because it is so easy to grab the tabs with a gloved hand in order to pull them on evenly and without the bunching up that can otherwise occur with a cuffed glove. The gloves were comfortable from the beginning and have never lost their suppleness, even after being soaked and dried on more occasions than I can count. My son, who has been a firefighter much longer than I, says the Firemaster® Ultras are the best gloves he has ever used. (I had to buy him a pair because he "borrowed" mine so often.)

Given their comfort, excellent protection, and long life, the Firemaster® Ultras are a real bargain.

Kenneth Wright - Firefighter / EMT
Southern Boone County Fire Protection District, Ashland, MO, USA

In the years that I have been involved in fire-fighter protective clothing, the biggest complaint from the fire-fighter has always been about the fire gloves and in my time, we have evaluated more gloves that any other item of PPE and have never quite managed to get a glove that would put a smile on the fire-fighters face. They complain that they can’t feel anything, they can’t handle equipment properly, they are too bulky, too stiff etc. So why do we issue them in the first place? Well we are trying to protect our fire-fighters. From what you ask? Heat, flames, compression burns, cuts, puncture injuries, viral infection(s) and the many other risks and hazards that they face carrying out their normal duties.

The first thing we must accept is that, one type of glove will not do. The risks faced by the fire-fighter at building or other close proximity fires are different than those faced at road traffic incidents and other technical rescues.

In 2002, a UK glove manufacturer contacted us, asking why we didn’t purchase their gloves. I explained that the reason was two fold:

  • We made a decision that we would only buy gloves that complied with NFPA standards as we felt that the EN659 European standard was too low, and we wanted to ensure that our fire-fighters had the highest level of protection available.
  • That the basic design of their gloves was no better than many of the other gloves that were currently produced.

Let’s face it, there are plenty of good glove manufacturers throughout the world, and most of them produce quality products. Will the gloves they make protect the fire-fighter? They sure will, but having talked to many fire-fighters, the glove, more than any other part of their PPE ensemble is the one that promotes most discussion.

I sent a copy of a report detailing what we felt needed to be done to produce a glove that would offer the fire-fighter the best protection; we also incorporated design features that would make the glove firefighter user friendly.

Surprisingly Southcombe made a decision to work with us, no strings attached, to design and manufacture a glove based on fire-fighters observations and protective requirements. The development  has taken three years, from the initial concept to the finished article. We carried out full and thorough evaluations over that time period, furnished our fire-fighters with an eighteen question questionnaire, asking them to rate the gloves on dexterity, grip, feel, comfort, waterproofness, donning and doffing, use with ladders and equipment and protection against heat and flame. When these questionnaires came back, fire-fighters identified that the Firemaster® Ultra glove was better than the one they were currently using by far.

In each case, every fire-fighter who used these gloves, loved them. The glove fitted beautifully, the quality was excellent, they were able to handle equipment with ease, keep the glove clean without the leather drying out and getting stiff and more importantly, the protection offered was superb. A few tweaks and amendments were identified and the manufacturer took care of these without any problems. And because of the quality of materials used in the Firemaster® Ultra, the whole life cost of the glove has been extended. We ended up buying the Firemaster® Ultra NFPA compliant structural fire-fighting glove, which we would deem to be the best glove currently available in the world today.

Our fire-fighters think they are great; the best glove we have ever bought and that is themost important thing.

Ian Moses
Personal Protective Equipment Manager.

We pride ourselves on quick delivery. Gloves are normally despatched on the day of order up to 2 PM, Monday to Friday, and sent by Royal Mail. Please select one of the following at the checkout.

  • UK Standard (Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded): £4.50
  • Worldwide (Royal Mail Airsure/International Signed For): £10.00
5 Average Rating 5/5 (3 reviews)
5 stars Firemaster Ultra Classic Guantlet Written by

This is my second pair of Southcombe fire service gloves and I plan on keeping these as my gloves of choice for many years to come. They have superior quality and comfort and are soft and broken in almost immediately. Also, the longevity and durability of these gloves have stood out greatly compared to other fire gloves I have used in the past (My first pair of Southcombe gloves lasted multiple years.) Highly recommended! - Best of luck from New York, USA.

5 stars Fire gloves Written by

Awesome product. These are my second pair. The first ones lasted me 8 years. Best fitting gloves for me. Great dexterity and easily to put on and remove. Nice fit right out of the box!!!!!!!!

5 stars World Champion Fire gloves Written by

I am in the process of purchasing my second pair of Firemaster Ultra Classic gauntlet gloves as a mere back up to the originals pair, I purchased three years ago. Theses gloves are outstanding. They are broken in out of the box. Dexterity is priceless. Firefighters know how valuable that is. The wetter these gloves get, the tackier they become. Firemasters are well thought out. You must be firefighters yourselves. Thank you for a great product. Now, let's get the word out.

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