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Firemaster 4 Premium Gloves

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Building on the reputation and strengths of three earlier Firemaster® models, this glove is the first design in the range to move to a complex 3D curved finger full fitting tailored pattern; offering better comfort and dexterity compared to it’s predecessors while retaining all the protective qualities associated with this range of structural fire gloves. Made with a full grain PYROHIDE® leather outer and featuring a digital PYROHIDE® leather patch to enhance grip in wet and dry conditions and a FR coated padded Kevlar knuckle guard, this glove is fully lined with a KOVENEX® thermal barrier and to ensure that hands remain dry we have included a Porelle PTFE laminated insert. The style conforms to both EN659 and NFPA standards.

OUTER: 100% PYROHIDE® cowhide grain leather
INTERLINING: Porelle PTFE 3 layer membrane
LINING: 100% KOVENEX® aramid blend
CUFF: 54% Kevlar®, 44% Nomex®, 2% elastane
THREAD: Nomex® & Technora®
TRIM: Anti-wicking coated tape
PATCHES: 100% FR coated Kevlar®

Usually one hand will be slightly larger than the other, typically the dominant hand (the right hand if you are right handed). Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the dominant hand at the widest part (between your thumb and index finger) and make a loose fist. Make a note of this measurement and check our sizing guide below.

  • SIZE XXXS = 5" (12.7 cms)
  • SIZE XXS = 6"(15.2 cms)
  • SIZE XS = 7" (17.8 cms)
  • SIZE S = 8" (20.3 cms)
  • SIZE M = 9" (22.9 cms)
  • SIZE L = 10" (25.4 cms)
  • SIZE XL = 11" (27.9 cms)
  • SIZE XXL = 12" (30.5 cms)
  • SIZE XXXL = 13" (33.0 cms)
  • SIZE S (Short Finger) = As above but ½" shorter in finger & thumb
  • SIZE M (Short Finger) = As above but ½" shorter in finger & thumb
  • SIZE L (Short Finger) = As above but ½" shorter in finger & thumb
  • SIZE XL (Short Finger) = As above but ½" shorter in finger & thumb

I have been in the fire service for over 30 years and have been involved with purchasing PPE for our department for 20 plus years. Our department has an average of 90 personnel online and one of the largest PPE costs each year for us was firefighting gloves. The complaints were always - not fitting well, poor quality materials and bad construction.

Six years ago, several of us purchased FIREMASTER® gloves at FDIC. We were immediately impressed with the fit and as time progressed we were amazed at how well the gloves held up. Our department has now begun issuing the FIREMASTER® 4 gloves and we have notice a great reduction on glove replacement each year. Why? These are quality structural firefighting gloves that also allow dexterity and feel so they can be used for extrication and many other functions associated with our daily jobs.

Our personnel who are wearing the FIREMASTER® 4 gloves are really happy with them and if you keep the troops happy; I do not have to listen to them complain making a great day for both them and me!

I always recommend Southcombe Brother Gloves to anyone who asks!

Bill McAfee - Captain
Janesville Fire Department, Janesville, WI, USA

My day job is currently as an Engineering Manager in the automotive industry. This gives me insight into quality control, manufacturing and industry standards. I am also a volunteer firefighter and while my department provides “gloves” for my use I do not care for the gloves they have provided. I have bought several pairs of gloves using my own money. I have bought gloves from Fire-Dex, Shelby, and also a pair of Pro-Tec8 Titan K gloves among. Some of these have been better than others.

In 2011, I met with Jeremy and David at FDIC in Indianapolis. After much discussion (thanks to them both for being patient) and trying almost every brand of gloves in the building I purchased a pair of lime FireMaster 4 gloves. I have been more than satisfied over the last year plus with these gloves. They have proven themselves to be everything that Jeremy and David promised they would be and more.

These gloves have protected my hands from fires in the 100 degree days of July and the below zero nights of winter and have never once made me regret buying them. They did take a little breaking-in, I will admit that, but that is true of any quality piece of apparel.

The reasons I like these gloves are:

  • They are indeed water-proof. The gloves may get wet on the outside but I’ve never had my hand make contact with freezing or boiling water.
  • They are comfortable and offer dexterity. I find that I tend to keep these gloves on more while with other gloves I was prone to take a glove off to operate a tool or do a task that required “feel”. If I have the glove on it will naturally protect my hands better than if I have the glove off.
  • The lime colour, I like the lime because being human I do drop my gloves on occasion and the lime is much easier for me to find. It also makes my hand more visible when I am communicating with hand signals and it ensures that my co-workers will see my hands when we are working in close quarters (it has keep a tool from being used near my hands more than once in low light conditions).

I told someone this week that I have a lot of products that I have purchased, used and can suggest for purchase but there are a select few that I can say without a doubt “buy them and you’ll be happy”. My FIREMASTER® are one of those products. There are also a very few companies that I can say that I would trust any product they make. Southcombe is one of those companies.

I would be willing to talk to anyone that is thinking of purchasing a pair of gloves and would tell them my experience with the company or the products.

Scott Rice - FF/EMT
Turman Township Fire & Rescue, Graysville, IN, USA

Three years ago at FDIC we came across the Southcombe Brothers booth and the Firemaster gloves. We listened to the presentation about the gloves and thought everything that was said about them was too good to be true. Two years ago, again at FDIC we came across the Southcombe Brothers booth and heard the same information. Again we were skeptical, but one of our members was willing to give them a chance and purchased a pair of gloves. That night at the hotel he submersed the exterior of the gloves in the sink overnight! The next morning they were completely dry on the inside. I was sold from that point, and went and purchased a pair at the show the next day.

Over the next year, with these couple of pairs of gloves in service, they performed incredibly. Hands stayed dry, gloves did not get stiff over time, they were very comfortable to wear, and the lining of the fingers did not pull out. Needless to say word got around the department and soon everybody was wanting a pair. Over the last two years we have now outfitted most of our active personnel with the Firemaster gloves and will continue to purchase them long into the future. The KOVENEX® lining introduced this year is an addition which everyone appreciates as well.

These gloves have been in service longer than any other pair of gloves I have ever used. Thanks for providing such a great product for the fire service.

Craig J. Olson - Fire Chief
Campbellsport Fire Department, Campbellsport, WI, USA

We pride ourselves on quick delivery. Gloves are normally despatched on the day of order up to 2 PM, Monday to Friday, and sent by Royal Mail. Please select one of the following at the checkout.

  • UK Standard (Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded): £4.50
  • Worldwide (Royal Mail Airsure/International Signed For): £10.00
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Excellent quality gloves & great service. I would recommend Southcombe to anyone looking to buy Firefighter gloves

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